Anonymous asked:

So there can be females in the Hardwood tribe??? :O

tmirai answered:

I am not going to be that guy and say no, especially since this is a for fun, shits and giggles, haha it’s a funny concept play thing. I mean, the Hardwood Tribe got its name and started because of the male beefcake troll Cupcake drew, and it’s all been puns on hot dude trolls and gay sex and such. So, that’s kind of the running theme.

That being said, I’ve seen some awesome lady Hardwood trolls with hilarious names. Sister tribe maybe? Idk. Omg that’d be a hilarious name to come up with.

This is all for fun. It’s totally not serious. Hell, it’ll probably be just another troll meme in a few days. So enjoy it how you want. Again, I am not the keeper of this “thing”. Y’all just have fun with it. Have some hot troll sex. Draw lots of porn. That’s all I care about.


women are responsible in keeping the troll men clean,and feed them,since they butt fuck each other non stop so there would be danger in, them dying from starvation. 
Hardwood tribe women clean off the semen from the grounds, hunt, take care of the village it self, and ofc use that semen to impregnate them selves and bring new generation to the hardwood tribe.

the fuck i wrote
its 5:35 am i am deeply sorry :”D


The females are put into traditional domestic roles and not allowed to be sexual beings in their own tribe that is nothing but sexsexsex? Oh, but please get pregnant with more males to make sure the cycle of buttsex goes on. Please!

I love the lady tribe idea, but this makes me sick to my stomach.